Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

So here we are at the end of May already.  How time flies!!

I haven't had chance to break out my bike yet, but I've been getting plenty of walks in with the surprisingly good weather we've been having recently. 

One of my favorite local walks is around the cemetery just up the road from my house.  There's something very relaxing about walking along the paths between the trees, grass and old gravestones away from the traffic.  Me and my husband often chuckle over some of the names on the gravestones: SPACE SAMS is one of our favorites - who was the unfortunate astronaut Sam, and what did he do to deserve being spaced for it?  Or how about SLATTERY - a curious mix of slander and flattery, perhaps?  Not to mention the number of names that sound like they belong on big law firm letterheads.

But this weekend in particular, among the old forgotten gravestones and odd names, were many, many Stars and Stripes planted by proud, sad and thankful families. 

In between the barbecues, dips in the backyard pool and mall sales, let's not forget the real reason for Memorial Day.

To all who serve: Thank you.

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