Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leg@lIT 3.0, upcoming articles, and other news . . .

I've been busy the past few weeks!

First was my second CompTIA A+ exam, which I passed with flying colours: I am now a certified A+ IT technician which basically means I now know not to change out the memory in my laptop unless I'm wearing leather soled shoes and cotton clothes, standing on a rubber mat in an environment that is not overly dry, and have an anti-static wrist strap on. Okay, I know a little more than that, but studying for it did help plug a few of the more annoying gaps in my learned-on-the-job IT skills.

Then it was preparing for the LegalIT 3.0 conference in Montreal where I was giving a presentation on the "Virtual Road to Trial" with Sharon Redding of Bell Canada and Kelly Inglese of McCarthy's (Nicholas Trottier stood in for Kelly at the last minute). (I also have a white paper that I did for the conference on the use of technology throughout litigation which has not yet been published - contact me for a copy). I tweeted live from the conference which was kind of fun, although I'm sure I missed some of the points made in the presentations as a result.

After I got back from Montreal, I jumped straight into doing some actual client work, and I've also been preparing some presentations and articles ("eDiscovery Mythbusters", "eDiscovery - what it means for you" (for a US paralegal association) and an upcoming Slaw post).

All of which is a long winded way of saying that's why I haven't posted anything to the blog in a while, and for those of you that get my Summation Tip of the Week, that's also why you haven't had one for a couple of weeks!

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