Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fair-weather cycling

Seeing as it's the weekend, I thought I should do a post on biking. For once this summer (which for those of you reading in places other than southern Ontario has been quite soggy) we have a dry, sunny day which is also a Saturday.

(In case you're wondering, Toronto - a mere 50 miles north across the lake - has had the wettest summer on record so far, and it's not over yet! Down here in Fort Erie, we haven't done much better . . .)

So today was BIKING day and we headed off in the early afternoon on our favourite local ride which goes from here to Ridgeway along the Friendship Trail, and then down Ridge Road to Crystal Beach where we usually stop off at the Waterfront Park. Then it's back up to Ridgeway for a fortifying ice-cream, and back home. Total distance - about 25 miles, depending on how much of Crystal Beach we pedal around.

After a few weekends of rides cut short by rain, threat of rain, actual rain, thunderstorms and so on, our 25 mile ride was a little tough on the behinds. But it was worth the pain to get out and pedal!

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